Welcome on the web pages of "The Koschny Observatory (TKO)" - MPC code B12 - which has started to be in regular use since Sep 2006.

Since Jan 2010 I spend most of my observing time using a 1-m telescope on Tenerife (remotely) - still, I continue slowly to improve my backyard observatory. Currently, the large FLI camera is under repair, so not much is going on here.

Here is some information about my observatory.

Enjoy, Detlef Koschny.


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The  telescope configuration as of 28 Dec 2008.
Currently I am back to using a 4" refractor as
  The hut on 20 Jun 2011.. Location:
52 15'48.2" N = 52.26339 deg  N
04 29'21.6" E =  4.48933 deg E


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